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An alternative to email for business communications


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On this beautiful sunny day (at least in San Francisco), we are proud to announce the expansion of our business communication platform.

Instaply is not only about customer service anymore. Starting today, we become an alternative to email for business communications. Thanks to Instaply, you’ll be able to find, connect and instantly text message with all your business contacts.

R.I.P. Email

R.I.P. Email

Nowadays, text messaging apps are really exploding. It’s very easy to stay in touch with your friends with apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Professionally, it’s also very straightforward to talk with your team, you can use apps like Yammer, HipChat or Campfire. But what about external communications? How can you communicate with your hairdresser, your lawyer or your favorite hardware store? Until now, the answer was email. From now on, the answer is Instaply.

PS: The mobile apps are now available worldwide! Download now!


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